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Among dishes

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It is a cooking program presented by Henrique Sá Pessoa.

The TV format dedicated to the culinary world has always existed since the beginning of Portuguese television. And think of the world. They have always been a successful formula and invariably were hosted by women with no specific training, moved only by the pleasure of cooking mastering the secrets of the best sauces, condiments and the exact hour of cooking the different types of meat. Programs were mainly designed and conceived for housewives and have always had large audiences. I grew up watching these two great ladies of these world of pans, in a lovingly way and with all deepest of respects, they were Maria de Lourdes Modesto and Filipa Vacondeus, the latter in particular fascinated my mother and me by the ease and joy she demonstrated cooking her favorite delicacies. Currently, they were replaced by chefs, a very curious title to say the least, women are always cooks and men are master chefs. After this aside, lets enter in the commentary this week, the program "among dishes" by Henrique Sá Pessoa. I accompany the episodes of his cooking space since the first episode and although some recipes are delicious and very easy to cook, because I have tried them on, the presenter continues to look embarrassed before the cameras. He never seems at ease and even when he tastes the food never seems quite genuinely delighted. One of the keys to the success of this kind of television format as is the enthusiastic cooks mix the ingredients and then the tasting part in the end. We have just an urge to eat, which does not happen with Henrique Sá Pessoa, sorry fans. The program is good, but lacks salt, see?

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