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People of my homeland 2

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It's a program that goes beyond the lines of the irreverence of Sic Radical.

It is above all a format that seeks to satire other European citizen. However, to me it seems to me a perfect excuse for Rui Sinel Cordes and Nuno Alberto, the director to travel through Europe. A program that is politically incorrect and I until recently thought that's what we needed at the moment, looking out with the most critical point of view, beyond our physical boundary, without the inferiority complex that characterizes so much as a nation. However, there is an episode in which the boundary of good taste was exceeded and what is the absolutely unacceptable, in the program dedicated to Scotland, there is the simulation of a rape. It might seem that was a joke, but I'll say it quite clearly that was not the least funny! There's a fine line between what a humorous sketch is and what actually is not. In this particular case, was positively miserable! I appreciate the corrosive humor, but frankly, they overdone the dose. I did not like it and I hope that was clear enough on this matter. I am a woman and that affects me, whether in Scotland, China, Uganda, or elsewhere in this lost world. That said I sincerely hope that the program ends.

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