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Let's talk

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It is a program on channel RTP memory with the better silver of the house.

It is a space for conversation about art, books, plays and performances that mark the national agenda or not, with several interviewers, some younger than others, which throughout the week, make known personalities from various cultural background. One of the names I like to highlight is Helena Ramos, not for the best of reasons, as an interviewer she leaves much to be desired. She doesn't do any relevant questions, because there she is not a journalist and more she likes to hear herself talk and not listen, she speaks more than lets the guest talk, in a way, they do not shine, so they "leave " her sparkle, which is not supposed. A great interview is when the talks goes beyond, questions and answers, through wander without limitations, when guest talks freely about their achievements, defending new ideas or not, but rather speaks of them self, of their work, or their writing, or anything and everything. This is the essence of this television format; the person is part of a conversation. For the other interviewers, I commend the professionalism of Maria João Gama and Joana Teles two lesser-known names of Portuguese viewers, but both let their guest shine. Eládio Clímaco and Isabel Angelino are the icing on the cake. Both of them are great talkers that currently go unnoticed as we rarely see them on the first channel.

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