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The dynamic duo of you on TV

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It is an entertainment program that enters your home each morning. And it's the responsibility of most successful national private channel, TVI.

Presented by Luis Manuel Goucha and Cristina Ferreira, "you on tv" is a television program that animates the morning of the Portuguese and a success of hearings for several years. And why? Becouse of the cheerful dynamic created by the duo of presenters and that it is aimed to a more senior audience. Is clearly visible and you may even argue that it is not the case, the empathy between Goucha Manuel Luis Ferreira and Cristina and it's also genuine, and that comes across the screen. The fact that they laugh together, not huddled each other in the interviews in search of more stardom, makes them the most successful dynamic duo of Portuguese television. They're the Batman and Robin that everyone likes to see in action for an older audience, with emphasis on the feminine. If you look up the audience are exclusively made of ladies apparently retired, or not, they are there every single day in the studio, so much so that the presenters already call then by their own names, becouse of the familiarity.
The headings of the program are another stong point. The stories of social and human deprivation, leave tears in the corner of the eye, are one of the capital gains because they can always move their viewers and are peaks and audiences. Even in these sketches, the hosts try to be sober, without falling into the temptation of exaggeration.
The group that reviews the gossip magazines is one least fun. Egomaniacs parading on the set and they add nothing. They are creatures that have nothing to say and who are there just to show the result of well-made plastics surgery that they have not paid, a borrowed closes that they did not bought and with a total lack of imagination. Depressing!
Another highlight is undoubtedly the police cases of the news agenda. All the crimes presented are heinous and are discussed by a panel of experts. And they are arguably the most anticipated moment of the end of the morning, and one can argue that it is a horror, but humans have a tendency to morbid and is not worth it to pretend otherwise. Just remember that when there is a serious accident on Portuguese roads, motorists slow down to view the tragedy.
In conclusion, we can say it's tv garbage, sorry but the audience is sovereign and in case "you on tv", there's no doubt they are here to stay for many years to came.


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