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Another summer program on SIC.

It's one of the bets of this private channel programming and I must say I was amazed by such an atrocity. Honestly I do not know who are the bright minds behind this unfortunate idea, but I must say everything I watched in this first episode was to say the least unfortunate. I notice that I'm always contradicting myself every time I try to say that everything has already been invented in television terms, again, sadly I was wrong. Mea culpa again. Olé is a bizarre contest, frankly, VIPs forcados? Really? And though, I do not go so far to say that it is a freak show, but seems sincerely, taking into account some of the participants, not the animals, of course. I must say in all candor that this summer in our country promises. Madness not only is installed at the highest governmental hierarchy, as well, to our great sorrow and dismay, it also contaminated private channels with strange, unreasonable and poor taste TV formats. Olé is one such example, but unfortunately is not unique. I ask only one thing, do not see it! Think of your money and instead on spend in it in the added value calls buy a bus ticket to the beach which is healthier, not only for your wallet but also for your sanity. Olé!

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