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The portuguese on the world

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It is a program where anonymous Portuguese, like you and me, are  cicerones of the countries where they reside.

They are Portuguese, most of then young people who left their country to other worlds, other realities that they ignore and which become they everyday lives. “The Portuguese in the world” is one of the best programs on travel and also foreign culture  that we have seen recently. And what makes this show so interesting ?

The "traveler", lets call it like that, is a national citizen who for various reasons, in most cases for personal reasons, must leave our country and reside in another. Unlike the other programs on travel, in which there is a single presenter who travels the world and shows us what's so interesting to see in those distant reality. Our tour guide is a collection of anonymous people, Portuguese, living in a country and who kindly donate their time to make a tour of the city where they currently live. They talk about how they relate to the inhabitants of these localities, how they live and where cultural differences. The concept is innovative and in my view more interesting than the chronicles of  a traveler’s  journey that is only there for a few days. They reside there which in itself is value-added and thus show us where to eat, what to visit and raise the curtain to the viewers about the lifestyle of a avarage Portuguese, without being the point of view a star, or the occasional traveler. They show us how to live and work in countries as far away as Malaysia. And this is much more attractive from a cultural standpoint, the times in a pseudo travel programs. Have you noticed in all programs, the relaxed way as the Portuguese interact with people and most importantly, speak and master a foreign language in less than a year, as we saw in the case of the Portuguese in Morocco? Only one drawback, the shameful way  that RTP( Portuguese Televison and  Radio)  is always changing  the broadcasting schedule.

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