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Socas on tv

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Is the new political commentator of RTP1.

I already addressed here this issue of the news commentators on Portuguese television, but for those who do not know, it always caused confusion that the persons chosen for that job by the TV stations, in primetime, are precisely politicians, though they all never get tire of repeating and re-emphasizing that they are out of the political scene. Only believes that's who likes sand to their eyes. I do not, sorry. All in a simulated way or not, with more or less book covers to show for, do politics and those commentators are absolutely nothing credible, or exempt. José Socrates hiring is double the bizarre! How can we understand that the news management of a public channel hires someone who tried on more than one occasion control the media, with particular emphasis on news that put on check the government's image that he led at the time? Not to mention the famous interview with Judith Sousa that enraged him to the point he confronted the journalist, because he thought a question was inappropriate. And as if that were not enough, he passed laws that limited the free exercise of journalism in our country. I made a point of not seeing the lamentable performance of the "future prime minister of Portugal," which I no longer doubt he will be re-elected, given that after two years of self impose luxurious exile, he returns as the prodigal son and was forgiven. From whom I do not know, but I regret that happend in our country. Again.

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