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Earth hour

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1 hour, or 60 minutes, or 3,600 seconds was the time required to raise awareness to the people of the island to clima changes. A global initiative that took place in the town of Santa Cruz, March 29th , through a partnership between the Municipality and the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds ( SPEA ) .

Under the auspices of a cold night studded with stars, Quinta do Revoredo was the privileged stage for global environmental event sponsored annually by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a blackout that took place precisely at 20h30m.

The idea is based to achieve light reduction in cities around the world, trying to warn people to climate change and raise awareness for the protection of the environment. For the eighth consecutive year, this is now the largest event of environmental action, in which governments, businesses and people show their concern about global warming, turning off their lights for sixty minutes, as was the case in Santa Cruz , through an action between SPEA and the local city council. According to Cátia Gouveia, spokeswoman of this non - governmental organization in Madeira, the initiative came about through an initial contact with " the team of the local councilor of the City hall, which proved extremely receptive to this event. knowing that environmental protection and nature conservation are also priorities of the municipality, the idea of this joint venture between the two entities emerged. Beyond the blackout and music event at the House of Culture, was also in display an exhibition on " Save a Marine Bird " campaign and environmental education sessions helded in the schools of the county. We believe this was the first of many joint initiatives between SPEA and the City of Santa Cruz".



Light pollution is now a global problem that particularly affects seabirds, since, according to the biologist, " the birds had to develop a series of adaptations in order to survive in an environment as hostile as the ocean and only come to land during the breeding season. This return is made in the early evening, avoiding the attack by predators (dogs, cats, seagulls). Due to their sensitive eyes, they are attracted by the lighting of cities, often ending lightblind hiting buildings and cars . In these cases, the lightblind bird loses control and ends up falling on the ground helpless, having difficulty taking off toward the sea. Knowing that many birds suffer from light pollution in the Madeira archipelago, SPEA develops the " Save a Marine Bird " campaign since 2009. This environmental initiative that includes conducting environmental education, volunteer brigades to collect birds, as well as other outreach events .
In recent years , SPEA has developed several works with the municipalities of the Autonomous Region of Madeira , and in partnership with the Electricity Company of Madeira, " to minimize the impact of ligh on birds . Combining this commitment , the celebration of Earth Hour, we have developed this environmental event in the House of Culture in Santa Cruz , in conjunction with a blackout in some arteries of the city and a symbolic musical spectacle that excelled by not using electricity. intend that during these 60 minutes energy use was reduced to the maximum, thus demonstrating our commitment to protect the planet and reducing the effects of climate change " as follows .


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