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With Douro on the horizon

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To better understand my passion for Porto, I challenge you to on a train trip along the River. A crossing with the taste of Portugal.

If you want to live an experience never to forget to visit the Douro and see with your own eyes one of the oldest regions of the world, I have only one advice, go ride a train!
The regional line that goes from Porto to Pocinho is the right choice, because the first train leaves the station of Saint Benedict and prepare to be delighted with the tiles that adorn the entrance. You will make a trip to the the last century, becouse the train will stop allways, when I say all the plataforms is every single one of then, so relax and enjoy the scenery.
The route would initially seem monotonous and even disappointing, but from a certain point, the line will snak the river and then we are confronted with a bleak landscape dominated by terraced vineyards, which will be later converted into the no less famous Port wine. One of the stops that I recommend is the Régua, have lunch and enjoy the best food and drink table wines of the region. After a well deserved aperitif, return to the line and let yourself be captivated by the people.
I have yet to give a advice to foreigners with almost two meters tall and polited in the summer there are great number of people to enjoy this course and the cars are not that high. And I'm telling this because? I'll report the funny story of a friend of mine who decided to take a Danish, white as snow and high, very high, watching the river Douro!
On this trip, with a heat that roast stones, about 38 degrees celsius, the turnout was massive, and to the delight of some of the passengers, entered at once a folk dance group going to the Invicta city, filling immediately all the cars available .
Our Viking gave away his seat to an old lady and got a stiff neck that accompanied the whole trip. The funniest thing from my point of view of course, was like any gathering where are more than one, two or three Portuguese, begins immediately to musical entertainment and wine starts to run down the thirsty throats.
The Dane, poor man, earn new colors, due to the heat and the fact that I can barely move around such was the tightness and warmth, the Portuguese always helpful, and have no doubt that we are the most friendly people from all over Europe (and I am not being cynical), offered the stranger a good drop of the Douro, and even a homemade ham! I regret not having been there, just imagine! Well, our foreign friend there came to an end of the trip, with a stiff neck and a monumental binge! Great Portuguese people! But do not be scared is usually calmer. Seriously. Therefore, use the line of the Douro and enjoy one of the most beautiful natural scenery of the country.


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