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And it's been five years

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The five year anniversary is coming and to mark the occasion I decided I would like that you, the readers, wherever are you tell me what you think about the magazine. All you have to do is write in the comments of this text, that is, where they come from, why like to read my online publication and by the way what do you think should be improved? Do not worry about the language, write at will and if it is necessary I translate. Why this? Whenever I read the statistics on google analytics my excitement increases, not only by the number of people visiting me, but above all what truly makes me happy is the great diversity of people who at least are enthusiastic to the point of wanting to read about these Portuguese I interview and my personal vision of this corner of the world planted on the brink of the sea, at the same time I cannot help thinking, but then who are my readers after all? Then came the moment of know in you, well at least some, so I throw the challenge to those who want to write, to do so or not, but at least leave your testimony without fear.

Below I leave the google analytics data on the number of people visiting me per day and where they come from.



Visualization per page


United States:43-3,78%
(not set):19-1,67%
United Kingdom:13-1,14%

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