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My birthday

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It is a day that deserves a double congratulations from one woman to the world.

The International Women's Day is an important anniversary for me for several reasons, first because I'm a woman and I enjoy being one and unfortunately we must continue to mark this date in most cases not always for the best reasons as in the case of Portugal, the differences gender are still glaring, just look at the results of the latest study published by Pordata, which showed that there is a wage gap between men and women of about 30% and that this value is even greater today than in years 80! Can you believe it ?! I do not want also to underline the death of 26 women victims of domestic violence, a scourge that only shows that there is still much to be done in social and cultural terms to promote equality and respect for women in our country.
On a more global scale, I have to mention the millions of anonymous women who are trafficked every day, with no access to health care, education and a decent life and I want to emphasize that we must never forget the Nigerian girls who have not yet have been returned to their families. My words before these humanitarian tragedies seem so fragile, tiny and almost superfluous, but my pen, though virtual, remains my only ally in this unequal struggle.

However, today is also a day of celebration and great achievements, the yvi magazine, celebrates four years of existence, of hard work, with some battles won and lost others, but overall still with a very positive outcome and I must add that after a new analysis of the google analitics data I am beginning to think that my revolution begins in males, it is true, they continue to be the most "loyal" readers, 54.15% against women. In geographical terms, Portugal still in the lead, followed by Venezuela and surprisingly a creditable third place, stable, Brazil. In my remaining top 10, in descending order, I been read by Spain, USA, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Germany and France. The latin america continued on the lead in terms of a larger impact, which I thank you and makes me very happy!

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