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The botachas

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The flat boot is a regional footwear production brand that has been innovating through a collection of new models, called "botachas" which intends to launch in new markets.

How did you start this project innovation of flat boots?
Carlos Vieira: There was a need to always innovate based on the traditional model of boots. Are requirements of the market itself, because the flat boot is not a very salable product, there are actually some stores that sell it, obviously that is not a constant monthly sales, but we had to do something. I bought this company, because the owner had to be away, it made me an offer and I accepted. I understood that we should create other models to somehow get leveraging for the company. I call "botachas", the new models, since they can be made into all kinds of materials, from leather to fabric.

What has been the acceptance of botachas?
CV: It's been very good.

Who will buy?
CV: Mostly are the locals. More women, but also men. It is a unisex model. Tourists do not buy much and when they do prefer the traditional boot, because it is a regional genuine product.

Which one is the most popular model?
CV: We have a model made in two parts. It has woven with colorful pattern, pinstripe, called regional, on the front and denim on the back, it is the one that sells more. We also have on the contrary, but the most acquired is the one I referred earlier.

And the men what do they buy?
CV: The more basic models, only denim, suede or plain. The elected colors are black and brown, men do not like very colorful tones, prefer solid colors.

And in terms of the emigrant community have you got some requests for "botachas"?
CV: This is a market that necessarily I have to explore. I've had a meeting with a personality that is the link between the island and the communities.

And the site does not receive orders?
CV: No, we do not have site only facebook. In fact, is my intention to put on several markets, because I want this product to be sold abroad. The problem is the cost, sending a box of boots to Brazil, or South Africa is expensive, but we are making some efforts in this issue.

What is the next step for your brand in 2016?
CV The next step is to register the brand for various reasons, the main one is to have a security guarantee. Then, I wanted to be able to start the export process, as I said earlier, the market of the Portuguese communities is huge, has great potential and we have to go searching for them. As you know Ribeira Brava is a land of immigrants and in this end of the year I already sold some "botachas" to Venezuela, Switzerland, Canadá and South Africa. Now, if you can put a pair of boots at a gas sale abroad It is easier to spread the concept of the product. As I said, I cannot expect them to contact me, I have to get to those countries, either through facebook, or other media.

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