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Good afternoon

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It is a program of channel SIC conducted by journalist Conceição Lino.

I like the way the host, in this case Conceição Lino, leads this SIC format of the afternoons. While acknowledging that must have been difficult to overcome the aura left by Fatima Lopes (one of the most beloved names of this private channel the meanwhile moved to competition) is the fact that this excellent professional communication does not leave her credits in others hands and printed her own style to the program. Was not something immediate I recall a certain initial maladjustment behavior, her almost innate neutral posture that was essential in terms of newsroom that had to be ignored altogether in entertainment programs, and that dissipated over time leading to one of the most beautiful smiles on television. I especially like the new line that is to invite known and less known people from SIC to display their skills in the kitchen . It is a relaxed unpretentious and fun conversation with not just revolve around food . I may not be one of the most assiduous TV viewers, but I can guarantee that when I am, I am always attentive to detail and I can say that even with the most unexpected mishaps, like when a guest had a stroke live on the show, the afternoons with Conceição Lino is a television format with quality without being too sappy.

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