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Culinary tv contest

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Inthe holiday season nothing there is nothing worse than seeing this shows.

I must admit that for some time I have not fed this item for lack of content that was worth my comment, however, an exception was open after the numerous culinary competitions swarming through the various channels of cable TV and I must be honest, I'm so tired that even it hurts my stomach. Always liked watching programs about cooking with Filipa Vacondeus, Chakall, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and other such where the heart is not only on the recipes, but the pleasure of cooking and eating well. Always water mouth and took immense desire of trying the recipes at the end of each one of the episodes. Lately all we see is almost insane rush by the TV channels to show the hardest and most demanding television format ever in terms of culinary competitions, which ensures that is what they think, more audiences. I'm talking about the "masterchefs", the "Gordon Rampsay", "chefs academy", "the taste", "my kitchen rules" and to culminate as if all this were not enough, we now have the "war of the dishes." Suddenly this type of competition has become a gold rush for the competitive, diversified that came to mind to the point of been ridiculous, there is nothing that they not invent, the only I can say is that after seeing so much suffering, stress, crying , laughter and disappointment on the part of competitors, I lost appetite to my dismay. It's all so horrible, we only see people running from one place to another, with creases on the forehead of concern and a lot of sweat to drip from pots and pans and in the end someone finally wins, exhausted. Literally takes away the urge to eat whatever and go to the kitchen experimenting. Really.

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