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A program about animals in SIC woman.

It's a funny television format, but especially for those who like animals is a light way to know not only the famous owners, but also to see the work of the institutions, or group of citizens, that defend animals. The adoption campaigns, or fundraising are key positive aspects of the program, because they serve as a vehicle to spread the information to the needs of not only pets, but also the people who care for them. The host is friendly and very young which also helps, I think the only strange thing is the voice of the dog, Lol, remembers me one of those recordings that went very wrong. They should rethink this issue. I don't think is unreasonable the idea of dubbing , quite the contrary, there are films in which animals " speak " , what confuses me , clearly, is how altered the " voice" of the jack russel terrier that is quite bizarre. Overall, however, Pets is a good way to talk about animals and their owners.

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